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Insuring Motorshomes, Trailers and Campers

The cost of insuring motorhomes and trailers is closely tied to the value. So the more expensive the toy, the more expensive the insurance. However, the majority of homes on wheels are very reasonable.  

Trailers are insured as an individual item on your auto policy. The liability of damaged caused by the trailer hitting another car or property comes from the auto that tows the trailer. However, the trailer would carry its own collision and comprehensive coverage for damage to the trailer itself.

Standard truck mounted campers are insured on your auto policy, as well. The camper can be added to the truck upon which it sits and insured as part of that vehicle. This would cover physical damage with the collision and comprehensive coverage of the truck and is the cheapest way to insure the camper. However, the camper would only be covered when the camper is on the truck. For this reason, it is recommended to insure the camper as an individual item so there is coverage when on and off the truck. This also allows you to have a separate deductible on the truck and camper.

A home or renters policy can cover personal property lost in a trailer, camper or motorhome. However, most recreational policies will allow you to add coverage for contents. This can include things for the recreational rig itself, such as jacks, levelers, hoses or even mounted contents such as TV's, satellite dishes or microwaves. There may also be coverage available for more personal contents, such as kitchen items, bedding, clothes, valuables, etc. One should evaluate whether it makes sense to add coverage to the recreational policy or the home/renter's policy. Considerations should include deductibles, discounts and the possibility for adverse underwriting action for too many claims.

Medical coverage on a recreation vehicle is typically an afterthought. As always, one should carefully evaluate their own healthcare situation when making this decision. However, additional thought should be given to how you are using the rig and how you entertain others not of your household on your recreational vehicle. Though tailgating, barbecuing and adjusting satellite dishes can make for some amusing stories, they can also result in some embarrassing injuries.

Ask about optional additions for motorhome insurance

Electronic Lock and Key Replacement: If your electronic keys are stolen or lost, they will be replaced with this coverage, and if your lock pads are damaged, they will be replaced at no extra charge.

Emergency Assistance and Travel Expense: This includes roadside assistance (see above), along with reimbursement for expenses while your RV is uninhabitable, including personal property, temporary living and transportation costs.

Audio-Visual and Custom Equipment: This protects the audio-visual equipment inside your RV, including your stereo, TV and DVD player. It also protects any custom equipment you may have added, including an awning, a custom engine, custom carpeting or flooring, custom wheels, etc.

As a busy business owner, I don't have time to manage all my financial affairs. Regardless of what I need, whether I know I need it or not, Kevin's advice and experience save me time and money. Whether it is home and auto insurance, life or long term care, or retirement, Family First Insurance takes care of me. They are more than an insurance company, 
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